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T.I.P For you

Trawell Immunity plan (TIP) it is well accepted that the natural strength (immunity) of our body to fight against diseases changes with climate. The strangth will be low in summer and rainy season. In Ayurveda there are modalities (Ritucharya) to maintain the strength of our body with seasonal changes. Immunity kriya is one of these kinds designed by TRAWELL to provide premium immunity boosting therapies along with suggestions for food medicines and life style modifications.

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Help you to find out quality ayurveda for your convenient time and area, with ease

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Discover the ancient science that gifts you a superior life through natural healing modalities, sustainable wellness practices and custom diet and lifestyle designs for your unique, individual self – AND THAT IS QUALITY AYURVEDA, don’t miss it for any reason!


Full body oil massage with medicinal oils manufactured under drug license...


Poring oil continuously on forehead Improves sleep & induces deep relaxation, relief from headache, promotes healthy scalp and hair...

Nethra tharpanam

Pouring of medicated ghee into the eyes and keeping it for specific time period...

Podi kizhi

(POTLI with medicated POWDER), Warm herbal bolus treatment done esp .in all joints...


Pouring of warm medicated oil over knee joint and keeping it for a specific time period...

Pada abhyanga

(foot massage), Massaging the foot with medicated oil...

about us


TRAWELLS is a cumulative outcome of the last twenty years of active involvement of a close group of professionals in health segment with Senior doctors/philosophers, Various individuals of health industry, Institutions, Government bodies, Private medicine manufacturing companies This project is promoted by TRAWELLS in association with on of the most authentic ayurveda group of India viz Ms. Dhanwanthari Vaidyashala (estd.1933).

TRAWELLS intends to provide all type of Kerala Ayurvedic applications, (products/treatments/doctor services) with easy accessibility to the masses. TRAWELLS aims to provide health services to a growing section of society who wish to move beyond symptomatic and temporary relief to address the root cause of illnesses and adopt a long lasting solution. With strong association with leading authentic treatment centres of Kerala, TRAWELLS is well positioned to deploy India's ancient science to heal contemporary health issues and diseases.

our packages

Customized with your available dates of travel

Ayur Tour

Continued treatment of 5/7 days at different venues.

Experience different ayurveda process to suit nature

One day, one process

Different treatment, at different centres.

Detoxify your body from the accumulated toxin of yesteryears


Total purification treatments, customised for individuals.

Mind and body relaxation process

Stress out program

Wholesome relaxation techniques for body & Mind .

Rejuvenation packages


Beautiful sorroundings leads to a peacefull mind,
as much as a meditaion do...

Unit-turtle beach resort
Mararikkulam, Alleppey
Chowara, Trivandrum
Pathumury, Thekkady
Vandiperiyar, Idukki
MG-Road Ernakulam
Copper Castle
Munnar, Kerala
Green Life
Thekkady, Kumali
Abad-Whispering Palms
Kumarakom, Kottayam

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